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Western Theory of Freedom of Speech

Today a common westernized man thinks that “Freedom of Speech” is purely a western Idea and western theory of freedom of speech is most authentic than divine books but in realty west theory of Freedom of speech is come from the dark past of the Europe. There is no doubt that West has pay a big price for its past and obtain the western version of Freedom of Speech after so much sacrifices and experiences. But that doesn’t mean we accept this definition of Freedom of Speech without any questions or debate. It is also not true that West Freedom of Speech completely fearless because we still found elements of fear on different issues i.e. Holocaust, praising Islam or Islamic Republic of Iran, supporting socialism, western influence on other nations etc.
Here we discuss some key points of Freedom of speech theory and their Western implementation.

Speak freely and without fear:
One of the basic rules of freedom of speech is a fearless speech or expressing the personal expression without fear. In west where westerns think that absolute freedom of speech implemented, does anyone thinks about talking about the authenticity of Holocaust? No you can’t. In west do you questions about creation of a state based on theory of Zionism? No you can’t. In west do you questions about Israeli oppression or oppression of any regime which is the supporter of west? No you can’t. You can’t found any voice in west who is talking in favor of Palestinians, oppression of Yemeni government on Houtis, oppression of Indian army in Kashmir, but western voices are very loud on anti-imperialist government actions like Cuba, Venezuela, Iran etc. Currently CNN fire Octavia Nasr on praising late Ayatollah Fadhlullah of Lebanon. White House oldest reporter Helen Thomas forcefully resigns on talking against Israel. You can’t call it a true freedom of Speech where somebody dictates you on how to create your opinion. Many westerns think that there is a boundary for expressing personal opinion which we have to maintain for balance of the society but I still not able to understand where this boundary goes when westerns insulting the religions and prophets.

Right to seek/receive information and ideas:
The second important thing is access on full story of the both the side which helps people to judge their opinion for right and wrong, but what we see in west that they only represents views of their own interest and trim main points from the story. The incomplete story can only pollute minds and create unjust opinion. For example when west is discussing Zimbabwe they forget what British has done their 50 years ago and how they achieve their independence and what are the current western interest in Zimbabwe. They only are focusing on oppression of Mugabe regime. Today many western people are unaware of many global and local issues but they have an opinion for all of that issues which they creates on biased and incomplete information.

Censorship and violent Content:
We also find a very strange behavior of western theory for freedom of speech when they are talking about censorship for specific age groups of society but deny the same thing for overall society. For example an underage has no right to view pornography or text containing bad and strong language but on other hand west gives full rights to spread illogical and fanatic ideas on the name of freedom of society which create chaos in society. West stops underage from the thing which they think suitable for adults, this idea forget that whatever censorship we apply on different age group is useless tills we apply the same thing on whole society because a society is like chain and every age group is connected to other in it.  

Listening of other Views:
When we are start believing that all our opinion or thoughts are right without giving other a chance to express their opinion on the same issue then we are creating a robotic society which is unable to think and works on specific order/rumors which spread through the propaganda tools, currently western media is doing the same job. Sometimes westerns pundits entirely not allow the other opinions to reach to the common western man.

Insult and Blasphemy:
West includes blasphemy and insult into the freedom of speech but forget that freedom of speech encourages criticism and rejects insult fantasies. When we merge insult with criticism we encourage outlaws forces of society to use it for creating controversies and hide the truth in veil of controversies. West support fantasy books like “Di Vinci Code” and “Satanic Verses” which are written on baseless ground which hurts feeling of many on the name of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is not for the hurt people on baseless ground but it to unveil the truth which is hiding from society to fulfill specific group supremacy.

West rejects the Idea of denial of truth but continuously hide the truth from his own people, in this circumstances people of the east feel west Idea of Freedom of Speech as a hypocrite approach which create to please the specific group of the society.
We have to accept that definition of the many things is decided by culture and the things which violate culture is come in premises of censorship. So it possible the definition of censorship is different for different societies.
This biased western definition of Freedom of Speech only increasing the gaps between the societies and different cultures and not given chance to fill the cracks of global village where all humans are equals.

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People are hostile towards what they do not understand. -- Ali
*Ali is cousin and son in law of Islam prophet Muhammad.

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